Onsego is a website that provides online GED courses for people looking to earn a high school equivalency diploma.

In our contemporary job market, people who do not hold a secondary education degree (high school or equivalent diploma) face huge obstacles to securing a decently-paying job since practically all positions, also at the entry-level, demand applicants to have at least a secondary degree.

Onsego has designed an affordable GED® prep course that is recognized by the GED Testing Service as being fully in line with the latest version of the GED exam.

Onsego GED Course

The course covers all elements of the GED exam through four courses that address the four subject fields of the computer-formatted GED exam, Mathematics, Social Studies. Science, and Language Arts. The four GED sub-exams are independent tests that may be taken one or more at a time.

The courses are cut up into category modules, and these modules include many lessons that cover the subject material in small, bite-sized portions.  This prevents the students from getting overwhelmed and lets them stay motivated to continue learning.

After every lesson, there’s a small quiz so the students can check if they understand the subject matter at hand, and after each module, there is a more extensive practice test so they can see if they understand the matter sufficiently or if they should spend some more time on preparation.

Keep in mind that so many well-known Americans have a GED. One of Georgia’s most famous singer-entertainers ever, the legendary Ray Charles, who passed away in 2004, is also a GED graduate; did you know that?

The course includes numerous very clear video lessons, lots of quizzes and practice tests, bonus courses that explain test-taking strategies, motivational plans, and a lot more material that will help the students stay motivated, stay on track, and pass the GED exam fast.

Georgia’s Job Market

In Georgia, we can see some 867,000 adults ages 18-64 who never completed their high school education and don’t hold a GED as well. You can see that this is a great threat to Georgia’s economy, and the state’s adult education programs are serving just about 60,000 adult learners on a yearly basis.

Technological advances and increased global competition are amplifying all the more the importance of a well-educated workforce and higher education in general.

More than 80 percent of all new jobs in Georgia, also positions at the entry-level, require applicants to hold some sort of postsecondary certificate or degree by 2025, but the fact of the matter is that not even 50 percent of Georgia’s adults aged 25-35 hold a professional certificate or an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree.

These low education levels undermine Georgia’s competitiveness and it is not good for the ability of these
adults to build up a career with decent wages or provide enough means to lead a productive life in their communities.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees that hold a high school or equivalent degree will make at least $9.600 more annually than workers without the degree, so what should hold you back from earning your GED? You’ll be rewarded and the effort will definitely pay off, wouldn’t you agree?

So Onsego designed a very comprehensive, accredited, but still very affordable preparatory course that will help students earn a GED diploma in the shortest possible timeframe.

Students that sign up for the Onsego GED prep course will have access to all study material, lessons, quizzes, practice tests, and bonus courses from day one. There is no pre-set study plan, and all lessons are accessible in any order they wish.

GED Calculator Course

The course comes with several bonuses, such as a GED Math Calculator Course that teaches how to use the only allowed calculator on the GED exam, the TI-30XS, so effectively that understanding math is less relevant; understanding how to work with the calculator is what it’s all about!

This feature is unique and even students who really don’t get math, and there are numerous that don’t, can pass the GED Math portion if they learn how to work with TI-30XS effectively!

When students sit for the GED exam at a test center, they can bring their own hand-held TI-30XS calculator, but when they take the exam online, they cannot. Then, there’ll be an on-screen version available that works identical to the hand-held device.

But there are more advantages. The program also includes a motivation course that helps students to stay on track, and they can check their progress every time they log in to the course.

Online Studying

The Onsego GED prep course is delivered in an online format, and for some students, this may be a challenge. Online studying requires students to be able to learn independently, and some students simply will do better if they learn under the guidance of a tutor or instructor.

For these students, it would be advisable to sign up for a GED prep course in Georgia (there are thousands of usually prep sites across the state) in combination with a well-structured online prep course such as the one designed by Onsego.

At a physical prep site, a teacher will guide them through the study material, while the online course will provide access to each subject field that they want to learn more about.

On the other hand, if you feel like a career in the music industry might be your cup of tea, you should really focus on earning your GED fast. Nowadays, everything connected to music is computer-driven and the future lies online, don’t you think? Who knows … you may, one day, perhaps also secure your place in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame if it would exist …

So learning how to work and study online might prove to be a great asset later in your life. Given that, learning how online studying can benefit you quickly might not be such a bad idea after all.