Many have said that music is the Universal language of the world. Everyone no matter what language they speak or what culture they live in enjoys music. Music has been around since the beginning of time and it will last until the end of the time. And the fact of the matter is that music will bring your family closer!

Many people have studied the negative effects of music, but it also has many positive effects. One of the positive effects that music has is bringing people closer together. The Blind Boys of Alabama understood this very well. Listen to them in ‘Singing Brings Us Closer’

One of the ways that music brings families closer together is that it allows them to spend quality time. These days parents are so busy working and children are so busy with school activities that they barely have time for one another. It is important for all families to make time to spend together and listening to music allows them to do that. Listening to some tunes is a great way to enjoy the company of the people that you love the most in the world.

Another way that music brings families closer together is it helps them to communicate. The main thing that causes divisions in today’s families is a lack of communication. It is the heart and soul of a happy and healthy family. In the Texas Music Hall of Fame, you can see several fine examples of artists who understand the importance of music in bringing families together. Asking a simple question such as, have you heard the latest song out can open the door for very important conversation.

Many people underestimate the power of music because they do not realize that it can change people for the better or for the worst. Music can indeed have some negative effects, but it can also help bring families closer together. A strong family is the heart and soul of a productive family and music can be a way to bring them closer. It’s truly amazing how music can be such a good thing when it is used for the right reasons. See also Dr. Robert Gupta’s TED talk about Music and Medicine.

How To Plan A Music Family Fun Night

Music is a great way to get the family together for a night of fun and memories. Plan a Friday or Saturday night at home with fun and games by adding music as the entertainment. Soft rock music, classical music or hits from a band everyone listens to. Go to Georgia Music Hall Of Fame Inductees if you want to get an idea which songs by which great artists may help you get your Family Music Fun Night organized.

Attending a local concert is another way for a family to enjoy music as the focal point of the evening. Plan a music-themed party at home and have everyone choose a different type of music to enjoy. Include party favors that are musically themed, create games that have music as part of the game or create new games that have the participants guess who sang the song.

Music can speak to anyone and having a family fun night with music means you can’t go wrong. That music plays an important role in education can also be seen in Georgia’s Music Hall of Fame. Buy the latest album from your favorite artist(s) and have it playing as you are enjoying a get together with snacks and soft drinks for everyone.

Even kids will enjoy participating in the festivities when they can help with the process of invitations, etc. Have them choose which songs they like and plan a party where they can invite their friends to join in for a fun night.

Making Music On A Household Budget

Making music on a household budget is difficult to do; however, it can be done. Professional studio time is often extremely expensive and very few bands can afford it, but with some improvisation and smart shopping techniques, one can find all the tools needed to produce good music.

Knowing where to find a smart sale is essential to making music on a tight budget. Sometimes fellow musicians have used instruments that they’re looking to sell. Maybe you can get hold of a Bob Richardson recording. He was one of Georgia’s most important studio engineering pioneers! offers used instrument listings and often sellers are willing to negotiate a deal on their old instruments.

Another place to look for used equipment is a pawn shop. While it’s sad to know that the previous owner of the instrument could not maintain financial stability, take heart in the fact that you’ll make good use of the equipment now. Garage sales, however, are often hit or miss when it comes to finding musical instruments.

Since studio time is expensive, a good investment would be buying a 4 or 8 track recorder. With these types of recorders, it is easy for even just one person to create awesomely complex musical arrangements.

Many big musical acts started off financially incapable of getting into a large studio but there are so many Jazz Recordings that have a great educational value!