The mission of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame was to operate and maintain a music museum for the general public, Georgia music lovers, music scholars, and musical artists that celebrates our state’s musical genius by: preserving Georgia’s musical heritage; providing innovative museum exhibits and educational programs; becoming a public-private partnership for cultural preservation; and promoting a heritage tourism destination with growing economic benefits

College Internships / High School Service Projects

The Hall of Fame was always on the lookout for motivated students who were interested in music, museums, education, history.

The Zell Miller Center for Georgia Music Studies (ZMCGMS) served as the library and archives of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and supports its research and educational activities. The collection included:

  • over 1,140 books
  • over 3,400 periodicals
  • over 14,600 sound recordings
  • over 1,370 videotapes
  • printed music
  • photographs
  • manuscripts
  • other archival materials

Research requests came from many sources: scholars required manuscripts and archival materials; the press and media needed background information; teachers at every level requested information for use in their classes; students pursue topics for term papers, reports, and class and social science fair projects; and members of the public consult the library out of personal interest.

The Billy Watson Music Factory is the museum’s 2,400 square foot children’s education area. It is a highly interactive area that has been designed primarily for children in Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade. The activities in the Music Factory are designed to introduce children to various aspects of music and to spark their interest in musical instruments, techniques, and career possibilities.

Giant Radio: Everyone is a star in the Music Factory! The children can watch themselves on a big screen TV as they dance to the sounds of Georgia music.

The World of Music: Travel to the far reaches of the globe as you listen to bits of music from countries far and near.

The Big Band: Our wall of giant instruments allows any child to play the piano, double bass, violin, guitar, drum, xylophone, tambourine, or guitar. By pressing the button the child hears that instrument’s part of a song.

At Style Matters, children listen to a simple song like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in the traditional way or as a jazz, salsa or symphonic tune. There are eight styles available.

The Music Gallery is our “classroom.” In this area, we will conduct special programs in addition to allotting children time play various instruments. One of the instruments is a Keyboard built into the floor where the children can play a tune with their feet.

Need a unique location for your next function? The Georgia Music Hall of Fame is a proven crowd-pleaser for meetings, workshops, seminars, receptions, parties, dances, dinners, and special celebrations. This contemporary facility is available during and after regular business hours with ample free parking and a variety of value-added amenities.

The Hall of Fame was a versatile 43,000-sq. ft. building that could be rented for a multitude of configurations for meetings and parties. Every rental included admission to the museum’s exhibits hall for each guest. The third floor Macon Room and second floor Classroom opened onto balconies that overlooked the spectacular three-story lobby. Small breakout rooms in the administrative wing were available for use during business hours, and also at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport there was a great contribution.

Groups assumed responsibility for making their own catering arrangements; a preparatory kitchen was available. The GMHF retained exclusive rights to the sale of alcohol at after-hours events.