Music Review Monday – David J. Roch

You may have seen one of David J. Roch’s songs  featured on So You Think You Can Dance last season, and thought “Hm, this is a pretty good song.” Turns out, Roch is a seriously talented artist with what is sure to be an amazing career ahead of him – and I hope that others watching the show were able to recognize his talent and find out more about him.  His voice is vaguely reminiscent of a cross between Damien Rice and Rufus Wainwright (although with the addition of a wonderfully lovely falsetto).

I could completely lose myself in his album “Skin and Bones.”  (and have on several occasions) Roch’s music is haunting, triumphant, vulnerable, intense, exuberant, devastating, experimental, and absolutely incredible. If you listen to his music, you’ll understand that I do – in fact – need that many adjectives.

I love how Roch’s use of instrumentation builds in this track.  With his voice alone, Roch is able to sound vulnerable, yet clear.  Throughout the album, he also cleverly uses strings, brass, organ and even complete silence to add intense emotional qualities you rarely hear in mainstream music these days. (Seriously, who have you heard using an organ in the last century or two?)  His lyrics are raw and heartfelt, painting a story characterized by the crossroads he has faced in his life (the kind we all must face).  Dealing with subjects of joy and grief, love and loss – his music may sound melancholy at first, but gradually reveals itself to be much more deliciously complex than it appears.

Check out this video of Roch’s song  ”The Lost Child.”  His voice literally gives me chills every time I hear this song (it’s a personal favorite of mine, but a great falsetto will always win with me).

His voice is something that any soprano could appreciate and even envy – and that’s saying something.

You have to check out this album. It pushes a lot of musical boundaries and has a lot of qualities that only music geeks will be able to notice and appreciate.  Even to the untrained ear, this intricate and emotional album just sounds different – and I mean that in the best way possible.  Every track on this album is fantastic and essential to a bigger story that I’m so thankful David J. Roch has chosen to share.

Buy the album and learn more about David J. Roch on his Facebook or listen to his work on Soundcloud.

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